frequently asked questions

The referral page requires a password. How do I obtain it?

Email us to request it! You will need to have a valid agency or school staff email address to obtain the password.

Why doesn’t TOC serve foster youth?

Our services are designed to serve youth who cannot be served through other resources in the community. There are many other resources available to foster youth through other nonprofits.

Does TOC accept donations of used clothing and shoes?

As part of our mission, we only accept NEW clothing and shoes. We want underprivileged youth to feel the pride that comes with receiving new clothing and shoes instead of the used clothing they are accustomed to getting.

what is meant by “referring party”?

The referring party is the staff member from a community based agency or school who is completing the referral form.

how often can a youth be referred for services?

Once every 90 days.

can a parent request services from TOC directly or just show up to a shopping event with their child?

No, a youth must be referred by a staff from a community based organization or school staff. If the referral is coming from a community based organization, the youth and/or their family must already be receiving services from that organization.

what if the parent/guardian needs to cancel or requests a time change?

The parent/guardian should contact the referring party to let them know. The referring party should then contact TOC immediately to cancel or request the change. Time change requests cannot be guaranteed.

should a parent/guardian reach contact toc with any questions regarding their child’s referral?

In order to reduce confusion and to maintain consistency, all communication should come via the referring party. If the parent/guardian reaches out to TOC directly, they will be referred back to that individual.

What will each youth be entitled to at the shopping event?

Four pieces of clothing, one pair of shoes, one set of undergarments, and one gift certificate for a haircut.

Can a parent/guardian bring others friends or family members to the event with them?

Unfortunately, no one other the referred youth and their parent(s)/guardian(s) will be allowed to enter the event.

How are clothing, shoes, & haircut gift certificates procured?

We rely heavily on donations from retailers, private individuals, and hair salons. Under certain circumstances, items are purchased directly by TOC.

Are all sizes available?

We do our best to provide a variety of sizes in each gender. However, we cannot guarantee that all sizes will be available at each shopping event.