frequently asked questions

Why doesn’t TOC serve foster youth?

  • Our services are designed to serve youth who cannot be served through other resources in the community. There are many other resources available to foster youth through other nonprofits.

Does TOC accept donations of gently used or used clothing and shoes?

  • As part of our mission, we only accept NEW clothing and shoes. We want underprivileged youth to feel the pride that comes with receiving new clothing and shoes instead of the used clothing they are accustomed to getting.

does the 10 referral limit per organization apply to all locations for that organization?

  • At this time, yes. As we increase our inventory and financial support, this limit will be lifted.

if I am referring multiple youth and they are part of the Same Family, is that considered one referral?

  • Yes. Our 10 referral limit is not intended to separate youth in the same family.