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Julie has been a social worker for over 10 years.  She has a Bachelor's in Psychology and is particularly interested in the emotional and psychological development of youth.  Most of her experience has been in serving underprivileged youth.  Julie is passionate about empowering them to recognize their own resiliency, to find their inner strength, and to move beyond their perceived limits.  Julie is well versed in connecting youth to community resources and believes in the power of building collaborative partnerships with community agencies to wrap around youth to help them achieve their potential.  Julie is an entrepreneur at heart. Co-founding Threads of Change has allowed her to blend her entrepreneurial spirit with her commitment to the success of all youth.

Laeisha howard


LaEisha's background spans over 16 years in corporate business development and the nonprofit world.  She is a Senior HR Director for a global company and is the Founder and CEO of 12/14 Consulting Group.  Additionally, she is a writer and speaker, and provides workshops focused on assisting others to live fulfilling and balanced lives.  LaEisha is passionate about empowering young girls and women to create the life they want.  It is this passion that has driven her to volunteer her time with nonprofits whose mission is to serve this population.  She is an entrepreneur with a high degree of creativity, is a networking guru, and an expert at developing and implementing long-term strategic plans.  She has keen aptitude for bringing key players together to work collaboratively to achieve a shared goal. LaEisha is a mother who has devoted much of her life raising her daughter, who is now a college student-athlete. Her daughter has inspired her to continue doing impactful work within the community that will allow youth not only to see their potential, but work hard to bring their goals and dreams to life.

marisa baysa 

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Marisa fills her tank and finds joy in partnering with organizations, businesses and teams that are cause driven to making a positive impact on the world.  She has a Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering and a Masters in Project Management. With 15 years of experience in the Customer Service and Technology industries, she also incorporates her global travel experiences to challenge and inspire greatness.  Marisa is passionate about helping others in a multitude of ways – time, talents, and treasures.  She is an entrepreneur who finds ways to work smarter not harder and strives to find balance in all aspects of her life. 


Board Member 

Growing up in poverty inspires Michelle to give teens the opportunities she never had.  Michelle brings 20 year of experience teaching at a high poverty middle school, where she sees first-hand the power of confidence, or the deleterious effects when a teen is instead grappling with self-image.  She has a powerful ability to provide support in a way that empowers, rather than diminishes, through the profound respect she has for others and her empathy for their struggles.   Michelle has an additional interest in clothing and how they make a person feel, after four years in management at Nordstrom before becoming a teacher.  Michelle and her family, including her two teen daughters live in south Seattle. When not spending time with her daughters and husband, Michelle can be found running or at home curled up with a book.