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The problem and our solution

There are over 17,000 King County youth living in poverty or are homeless with limited access to resources like ours.

In addition to the many other challenges that poverty brings, there is a very real challenge these youth face every day - feeling poorly about the way they look. These youth are mercilessly picked on by their peers and marginalized in academic and sports settings.  Often these youths' life circumstances contribute to a cycle of deteriorating self-esteems.  

threads of change intends to break this cycle by improving the self-images of each of the youth we serve.

Four times a year, we hold a one day pop-up shopping event. We provide underprivileged youth living in Seattle and surrounding King County areas, who are between the ages of 12 and 18, with new clothing and shoes as well as the opportunity to obtain a haircut, all at no cost.

Many of these youth have never had the experience of receiving new clothing or shoes. Some may have never had a haircut from a professional stylist. This experience can be very powerful and the memory of it, long lasting. Threads of Change offers youth a way to create their own image, express themselves and hopes to influence them to develop positive identities.  We strive to give them a reason to see that change is possible and that they have the power to create it.  

We are the only organization of this kind in King County.